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The Q-RATIO® Children's Centre

Our vision is to bring each person to their personal strength and to lead an authentic, free and self-determined life. This is particularly evident in this project.

Top row from left: Lowasa, Paulo, Tarki, Shafi / Front row from left: Nai, Sinyati, Wilson, Barak

The first Q-RATIO® Children’s Centre was opened in Arusha/Tanzania. Here our 6 boys and 2 girls aged 6 to 14 now live together with Steven and his parents as an extended family.

Almost all of them come from the Maasai village of Lolera. Their parents were not able to feed them. Before they came to the children’s centre, they did not attend school, only took care of the animals or helped their mothers. All they knew was poverty, hunger and thirst.

Steven with Wilson: Wilson lived here with his mother and siblings
Baraka with his mother in front of their home

Opportunity for education - Opportunity for the future

The children of our centre attend a public school

Visit from the parents

The parents of our children regularly visit the children’s centre. They are very happy about the development of their children. A big thank you goes to the whole team and to all the sponsors.