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Apprenticeship in bricklaying

We started with the project “Training in Bricklaying” 2022. 35 young men learn here everything they need to know and be able to do to build a house. More are on the waiting list.
What has brought about this change? Intensive educational talks with Steven and the village elders. A further factor was the prolonged drought. The animals could no longer find grass, emaciated and could no longer be sold on the market. Many died. Suddenly, the traditional basis of livelihood almost completely disappeared. A rethink is therefore inevitable.


Building for the future

In the meantime, the men in the project "Training in Masonry" are enthusiastic about the possibility of being able to build a house themselves.
Under the guidance of an experienced Tanzanian trainer, they learn this trade from scratch - in theory and practice.


Training in theory and practice

Ready for the future

Clay huts
New buildings