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Education as a ticket to independence

In Tanzania, training is not common. We see this practical area as an important foundation for long-term, sustainable change. All training offers are combined with the school projects. In this way, we create a unique opportunity for local people to become independent.
In Loolera there were only mud huts. Only the old government building and the old school building were available. In cooperation with the Tanzanian team, we have already been able to implement several training projects.
We are proud that we were able to implement the “Bakery” project.


Baking for the future

The "Bakery Project" is the chance for the future, as the baking trade is only known to a very limited extent in Tanzania. As a start, about 2a5 women have learned to bake bread rolls here.

For the first time in their lives, they are allowed to work independently. They earn their own money.

"Nzuri sana" - wonderful! They are enthusiastic and enjoy baking every day.


„Asante sana“ Many thanks!

Direct marketing

An additional small oven is operated with a gas cylinder. It is used for smaller quantities or additionally when demand is greater.

If you imagine that there was neither a shop nor a restaurant in Loolera before, the residents enjoy the exceptional offer all the more.

Even with their own label:
„Bithae bora Loolera – best products from Loolera"
they start their independence step by step.